Dungeon Crawlers Radio

The Whispers of Murder and Geekiness Show

July 31, 2015

On tonight's episode of Dungeon Crawlers Radio, the team sits down to talk with Eliza Crosby local YA Author to talk about her books, Whispers of Minersville and Murder on the Pitch. The Dungeon Crawlers team will also be talking about all those things you love to hear about. Superman vs. Batman Dawn of Justice, DC Comics and the aftermath of Convergence, Gen Con Indianapolis starts today, Daredevil Season 2, Movie review of Ant-Man, Gambit Movie, Chris Pine casting and so much more!

Eliza Crosby

Website: http://authorelizacrosby.blogspot.com/

Dungeon Crawlers Radio

Website: http://www.DungeonCrawlersRadio.com


Website: www.UtahFandom.com

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