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Dungeon Crawlers Radio - Warren Hammond Interview (TOR Books

June 12, 2012

Where geek is sheik and pandemonium reigns supreme! Dungeon Crawlers Radio hosted by Revan and A Guy Named Joe are two zany hosts that delve into the many facets of the World of Geek!  From Comics to gaming, Author interviews and more!  We have it all right here! Dungeon Crawlers Radio will be sitting down with Warren Hammond to talk about his new novel KOP Killer.  KOP Killer is a hard-bitten follow-up to Hammond's 2007 science fiction noir debut KOP, set in the 28th century on the technologically backward world of Lagarto, offers further evidence of his considerable talents….Koba is a tough town full of desperate people, and Hammond makes full use of this richly imagined society.

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