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DCR Mini Boss: F Paul Wilson

October 18, 2013

Dungeon Crawlers Radio is excited to welcome to the show author, F Paul Wilson to talk about his new book, ” Dark City”. DARK CITY takes readers back to February 1992. Desert Storm is raging in Iraq but twenty-two-year-old Jack has more pressing matters at home. His favorite bar, The Spot, is about to be sold out from under Julio, Jack’s friend. Jack has been something of a tag-along to this point, but now he takes the reins and demonstrates his innate talent for seeing biters get bit. With a body count even higher than in Cold City, this second novel of the Early Years Trilogy hurtles Jack into the final volume in which all scores will be settled, all debts paid. More of a straight crime novel than the later books of the Repairman Jack saga, DARK CITY is a perfect entry point for new readers and is sure to excite Wilson’s legion of fans by shedding more light on the background of their favorite “fix-it” man. This interview will be broadcasted on Thursday October 17, 2013  from Dragons Keep in Provo, UT starting @ 6:30pm MST.

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